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Finger-tip control?

Manage your resources remotely using PDi’s virtual warehousing tools.
Efficiency - cost reduction - space saving - global reach - real-time reports

Whether you are in a sales/marketing meeting deciding what collateral to deploy and where to target a specific campaign or in a shareholders meeting and you need to send time-critical information to a select audience, using ‘virtual warehousing’ enables you to execute decisions instantly.

View stock online and target recipients using PDi’s ‘virtual warehouse’ service. Simply select what you want to send and apply instructions on the database, and leave the rest to PDi.

Virtual warehousing provides project stakeholders with line-of-sight from stock control to delivery. This virtual service removes guesswork from a critical process. No special training required; you have a dashboard at your finger-tips that affords real-time access to essential planning and progress reports.

Virtual Warehousing
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